Michael SylvernHello everyone! Our new Discord group has appeared! You are most welcome to join, whenever you can. We figure most people use Discord for other stuff today so, why not include ourselves into your habits aswell. :)

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inquswell hello guys! heard of post scriptum? i think i'll buy
Post Scriptum: Finally a WW2 Game Done Right
The planes flying overhead give me shivers. If you enjoy my ...
redbear   Its not bad, but i want TONKS!
inqus   there are tonks! multicrewtonks!
inqus   but no plains ;)
redbearMichael, something for you. [link]
redbearIAM BACK!
Michael Sylvern[link]
Michael SylvernMaybe our new pasttime? [link]
Pre-order - Escape from Tarkov
Warning! Purchases are locked to the specific geographic region the purchase was made from. The game can only be launched if your current region is the same where the purchase was ...
Michael Sylvern   This game is about 4 people trying to escape from the city of tarkov, while AI npc try to stop you... but there is a twist The Ai Npcs can be overtaken by random real players and their goal is to stop you, if they succeed, they in turn get to keep all the good loot they find with their npc character and bring into their own next game.
Michael Sylvern   Imagine a crossover from Arma 3 and Pubg
Legion-GethMichael your Reclaimer looks gorgeous! And it even has a Captains room. I just ran around in it with Redbear, I am very very pleased with the outcome. The design and the textures are awesome!
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Michael Sylvern   Agreed it is dream come true :d
redbearThe best joke of the world!
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