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Crytek Vs Star Citizen Lawsuit
It looks like Crytek have filed a Lawsuit against CIG & Star...
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DemisaneGuys! You need to get Divinity Original Sin 2!!!!!!!!!
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TheFirstWulferineHi all!

As you can see below i posted a link for a new game. It is not finished yet. But... well... this community seems to like unfinished stuff. ;)

Anyways, it is a WW2 FPS that looks a little more realistic then others out there. No fantasy weapons and no zombies.

They want backers and if you back them with AU $ 33 you get a early access Steam key. If you want a Steam key AND play closed Alpha and Beta it costs from AU $ 39. Now if we are a bunch of people that join togheter we can get a small discount on the backing :)

Give me a shout if you want to make a group backing. But please remember, it is your money, Do not spend what you do not have please :) The game does not exist yet.

Have a good one!
Hell Let Loose
BLACK MATTER is raising funds for Hell Let Loose on Kickstar...
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Legion-Geth   awesome lets look into it!
redbear   Looks like we can have a decent shooter again.
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redbeara bit of gamescom demo [link]
Michael Sylvern   Typical cutlass pilots right there
redbearAnd, i was right, 3.0 at Gamescom. not the evocati :)
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redbearremember this one? [link]
Star Citizen
It's your last chance for LTI and a rare opportunity to pick...
redbear3.0 at gamescom?? [link]
Star Citizen
Are you in Cologne for #Gamescom this week?
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