You bought one of the VULCANS?
happy soon(tm) 3.1 with flying junkyard ship
Happy new February! (Yes time flies fast redbear)
happy new february!
WoW michael, your years go by very quickly! ;)
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This community was specifically created for the Game Star Citizen. To learn some more about us, you might want to check out our informative recruitment thread on the RSI forums.
Joining our community will only work by clicking the recruitment menu at the top. Please fill out the form and wait for approval. Our trusted members will be able to read your applications to get to know about you. After your approval by one of our admins you will be contacted by one of our charter members.

The core values, we are aiming for as a community are:

  • Fun, friendship and trust
  • Freedom and flexibility
  • Transparency
  • Equality
  • Quality over quantity
  • Diversity

Because we focus so much on the people within the organization, we need to make sure you fit in. For both your and our sake. You should really share our vision. This is also the main reason why we think rapid growth should be avoided at any cost. We are not here to become the next biggest org. Nor are we here to self loath towards the community and show how active and professional we are. There are tons of those organizations already, and sooner or later they will run into drama. We are here to provide the best possible experience for our members and mainly to have a good time and become close friends. If you want a big organization with a lot of exposure... go ahead and join one. But we guarantee you that the experience will not nearly be as good as playing with friends you know and trust.

Best, your Cruise Team (in kinda alphabetical order):

Captain Obvious,
Jericho Xanderia, Legion Geth, Michael Sylvern, Redbear

PS: I finally fixed the order issue :D

PPS: We are in Star Trek Online too :P

TheFirstWulferineredbear tired of waiting for me... sigh
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Legion-Geth   rofl. hes missing a beer
inqus   thats exactly how i imagine him sitting at his desk and making fun about germans xD
redbear   I told how it would look like when the germans dig holes in levski.
Star Citizen Roadmap - RSI - v1.0.20
The Roberts Space Industries Star Citizen and Squadron 42 roadmaps.
J. XanderiaHello fellow Orgies -

I hope you all have had a fantastic Christmas, and are getting ready for the end - because the end is truly near - both the year and our social life shall be no more, 2018 AND star citizen is fast approaching and with it, good times is wished upon you alL i hope to see you all in the new year, and hopefully to many many hours of ship rapei... i mean "asset re-distribution" (i knoo legion, i knoo)..

Fun fact my beloved Alienware R4 Crashed and burned.. - as in the goverment build a whole base around the crash site, wreakage never to be seen agien.. *strokes foil hat*

So im building a new rig... by my self.... alone..... in a cold dark basement... without help.... .... ....

feeling sorry for me yet?

If so follow my build log from January 1st by twitch or later on youtube, Hangover noob building computer...

what can go wrong?
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Legion-Geth   well, about time to announce your building/broadcasting times then :p
redbear   hope your cpu has no "meltdown" :p
J. Xanderia   The time of my reply should indicate my sorrow and current progress .... Redbear must be a freaking oracle... Faulty CPU socket / or cpu - RMA ftw.... no further comment - #fårkmylife -.-'
Jamie   registered to Larsson Group
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J. Xanderia   Welcome jamie, happy to have you :)
Legion-GethMerry Christmas everyone, have a great time with your family and loved ones!
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redbear   Merry christmas to you as well
TheFirstWulferine   Ah, looks warm and nice, just needs some glüvine. Merry x-mas
inqusoh oh O_o
Crytek Vs Star Citizen Lawsuit
It looks like Crytek have filed a Lawsuit against CIG & Star...
Michael Sylvern   No worries, they have very weak arguments, at most there will be a settlement.
Ash and Eagle1351 registered to Larsson Group
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TheFirstWulferine   Wow, they let anyone in here these days, dont they... ;)
redbear   created a new thread ARMA3 in the Gaming forum
DemisaneGuys! You need to get Divinity Original Sin 2!!!!!!!!!
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Michael Sylvern   Got it now!
TheFirstWulferineHi all!

As you can see below i posted a link for a new game. It is not finished yet. But... well... this community seems to like unfinished stuff. ;)

Anyways, it is a WW2 FPS that looks a little more realistic then others out there. No fantasy weapons and no zombies.

They want backers and if you back them with AU $ 33 you get a early access Steam key. If you want a Steam key AND play closed Alpha and Beta it costs from AU $ 39. Now if we are a bunch of people that join togheter we can get a small discount on the backing :)

Give me a shout if you want to make a group backing. But please remember, it is your money, Do not spend what you do not have please :) The game does not exist yet.

Have a good one!
Hell Let Loose
BLACK MATTER is raising funds for Hell Let Loose on Kickstar...
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Legion-Geth   awesome lets look into it!
redbear   Looks like we can have a decent shooter again.
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